Our Vision

The BC Bird Trail has been developed as the leading source of information on attractions, activities, and accommodations related to birdwatching travel in BC. Through easy-to-follow itineraries, we encourage respectful travel through the province as folks from all backgrounds discover the super, natural wonders of birding.

Since launching in September 2020, the BC Bird Trail has grown to include five regional bird trails in Central Vancouver Island, Columbia Valley, Fraser Valley, Sea To Sky, South Fraser – plus bird trail outposts in communities like Langford and Osoyoos.

In subsequent years we expect to spread our wings and pass through more and more regions of our inspiring province, as we connect aspiring birders with the communities, businesses, conservation organizations and birds found throughout BC.

Our Mission

The BC Bird Trail operates in support of birding, and birdwatching-focused travel in British Columbia.

While the communities and lands our trails pass through are not new, they are inviting to newcomers – and we aim to be provincial ambassadors, welcoming all people to the world of birding. Whether you’re a local family excited to explore your own backyard, or a veteran birder passing through on your way to a seasonal birding event – the BC Bird Trail has been developed with you in mind.

We are privileged to work with Indigenous communities throughout the province to help tell the story of birding in BC. We recognize our responsibility and encourage everyone who travels the BC Bird Trail to always respect the land and its peoples.

Terra Nova Rural Park - Richmond - BC Bird Trail

Taking Flight

The BC Bird Trail is managed by a community of groups and individuals throughout BC, all inspired by the province’s diverse communities, the natural landscapes that surround them, and the migratory birds that nest in our regions throughout the year. The BC Bird Trail is comprised by various tourism and conservation partners throughout the province – including Birds Canada, Indigenous Tourism BC, Destination British Columbia, Tourism Richmond and The Number.

Together, our shared love of birding and British Columbia served as our primary resource for information on attractions, activities, and accommodations related to birdwatching travel in the province. We aim to educate and inspire through our blog and social media channels where we will support and promote expert birding content and events alongside our many partners.

Contact Us

We love to hear from birders in British Columbia and beyond! Follow all @BCBirdTrail socials to say hello anytime, or fill out the form below to get in touch.