Bald Eagle

An iconic bird across the continent, the West Coast is the best place to see one. BC has more bald eagles than anywhere other than Alaska, and gatherings of hundreds occur around the province during fish spawning season. While known for their white heads and tails, bald eagles only have this plumage change from brown at around 5 years old.

Active seasons

All, but higher numbers in fall/winter, especially around fish spawning season in our rivers.

How/where to find

Rivers and estuaries during the salmon run have the highest concentration. While they can be seen throughout much of the province, they’re mostly found near water. Catch them soaring above, perched in tall evergreen trees, or, if you’re lucky, diving down to pluck a fish from the water with its powerful talons.

You can find the Bald Eagle throughout every Region and Outpost on The BC Bird Trail!

Recent Observations

Data provided by eBird
Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York.